What I’m Pinning Lately: Dark and Moody Interiors

Happy December! For us in the northern hemisphere, December means less and less hours of daylight. Our side of the earth is, literally, tilting farther and farther away from the sun, and as a result it feels like we’ve been in darkness for WEEKS on end. My plant collection is no longer thriving and it’s impossible to take a decent photo for the blog. Naturally, I’ve been seeking comfort in the only way I know how: Pinterest. My way of coping through these dark days is to pin as many dark and moody interiors until I get inspired from them.

While I usually gravitate to light, all-white rooms with just a few touches of black, I have completely moved over to the dark side. I think the same tricks apply to black monochrome interiors that I would use for all-white interiors, too. It’s all about adding warmth through tons of natural textures like wood and sheepskin to prevent rooms from feeling cold. And mixing different tones of grey, black, and brown to add interest. If there’s one rule I always live by, regardless of what colour or style a room is, it’s to layer tones, textures and materials.

Scroll to see some of the dark and moody interiors that I’ve been pinning lately! Are you one for dark and dramatic spaces, or are you team light and bright?

Flag halyard chair in a dark grey room.
Image credit: Romain Ricard
Brown leather chair in a grey room.
Image credit: Pia Ulin for Residence Magazine & ESNY
Matte black kitchen.
Image credit: Roman Ricard for Maison Hand
Matte black tile in kitchen with wood accents.
Image credit: Roman Ricard for Maison Hand
Matte black ceramic bowl.
Image credit: Katsumi Machimura
Grey ceramic pots from Zara Home.
Image credit: Fabien Baron for Zara Home
Matte black paint in an all-black monochrome office.
Image credit: @enstijl
Matte black bedroom with black linen sheets.
Image credit: Sylvie Becquet
Black flag halyard chair featured in monochrome home.
Image credit: Pia Ulin for Monochrome Home
MRD Home pots.
Image source: MRD Home
Industrial style reclaimed wood table, barstool in matte black room.
Image credit: Gunn Christin Monsen
Black leather danish chairs.
Image credit: SPACE Copenhagen
Flag halyard chair.
Image credit: Pas-Partoe
Black and white gallery wall with walls painted black.
Image credit: ahre.se
Dark grey wall paint.
Image credit: Dag Sverre Randen
dark and moody accessories.
Image credit: Raw Design Blog

Cheers to embracing the dark side this December!

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December 5, 2019

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