My Fave Coffee Table Books

I am a sucker for beautiful interior design coffee table books that are as inspiring to look at as they are to read. While I love reading blogs and scrolling Pinterest, there’s something about the physical pages of a book that make you really take the time to appreciate the stories behind each home. Plus, they are perfect to style on a coffee table or stack on a bar cart. I’ve been even known to rip out a few pages to use as art on my walls when the inspiration hits!

I’m also big believer that collected books and art are amazing elements to give a sense of identity and character to a home. I distinctly remember walking into a friend’s home for the first time and seeing their coffee table and shelves lined with books about cabins in the woods, how to draw, and coffee brewing techniques — such conversation starters!

So while I one day dream of having a mini library of interior design books in my home, for now I’m still building my collection. Scroll down for a few of my coveted favourites and a few new ones that are on my wish list!

The House That Pinterest Built // My favourite. This book reads like a long personal blog post, where Diane takes you through her process of designing her dream home based on her Pinterest finds.

Monochrome Home: Elegant Interiors in Black and White //
Amazing if you love neutrals and modern, minimalist interiors.

Travel Home: Design with a Global Spirit //
I haven’t picked this one up yet (it’s on my wish list!) but I love the idea of filling your home with objects collected from your travels.

Down to Earth: Laid-back Interiors for Modern Living //
This book focuses on creating a home that inspires creativity and functionality. Lauren Liess’s design aesthetic is a huge inspiration to my own: natural, easy living, and approachable.

Architectural Digest at 100 //
What a STUNNING cover. This book dives into the rich history of AD and takes you through their most iconic photography and home tours of architects, celebrities, and designers.

Chair: 500 Designs That Matter //
It’s no secret I am obsessed with vintage chairs and the design history behind them. This book is perfect if you love to nerd out on design history and learn more about what inspired a lot of the furniture you see today.

Scandinavian Interiors: Interiors Inspired by Light // My mom has this book and I find myself cracking it open every time I visit her!

This is Home: The Art of Simple Living
// Another one of my favourites from my collection, this book is more philosophical and brings a sense of mindfulness to your design process.

Hans J. Wegner: Just One Good Chair // I’ve been in love with Wenger’s designs for forever and am lucky to own his iconic Flag Halyard chair for myself. I’d love to learn more about his story and the ideas behind his work.

Have you read any of these coffee table books, and what did you think of them?

For more interior design inspiration, check out my fave Instagram accounts for home decor inspo. I also have a new table and shelf styling Pinterest board with endless ideas!

– Carmen


December 2, 2019

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