8 Affordable Home Decor & Furniture Stores That Aren’t IKEA

One of the most asked questions I get is where to buy cheap, cute, furniture other than IKEA. Now don’t get me wrong–this post is no way throwing shade to IKEA. I consider IKEA to be one of my sacred places where I can retreat to the comforts of 75 cent hot dogs and Nordic design bliss. It’s also the first place I go to for staple pieces or to start off a DIY experiment. BUT, if you’re moving out on your own for the first time, there are alternative affordable stores that can help inject more personality into your space without making you broke.

Here are my 8 favourites:

1. Zara Home

YES – Zara makes furniture and decor! Like their clothing, you can find both timeless pieces and on-trend items for an affordable price. Go here if you’re looking for trendy side tables or plant pots.

2. H&M Home

H&M’s Swedish roots shine through in their home decor and furniture. Unfortunately, their larger furniture items don’t ship to Canada or the US yet, but their online site is still full of high-quality, timeless decor and accessories. I am in love with their plant pots (I own four from here!), vases, bed linen (both my duvet covers are from H&M), kitchen accessories, and rugs.

 3. Target

Target is my holy grail for everything. I could literally write an entire series on Target and my shopping strategies (and maybe one day I’ll drink enough coffee to actually do that).

However, I struggle with Target is for the same reason I find them so great – their inventory is massive and you can find any style of anything you’re looking for: modern, farmhouse, boho, industrial, Scandinavian – it literally goes on. And because their online store is SO large, it gets time-consuming and tedious to browse through unless I have something specific that I’m looking for.

So to ease you into the deep black hole of Target shopping, here are my go-to brands and collections to start with:

4. Structube

Structube has quickly become a favourite of mine for their low-priced items. It’s also one of the few stores on this list where you can shop IRL if you live in Canada. Head to Structube for reasonably priced marble tables (I have two of theirs in my living room!), cute barstools, seating, and bed frames.

5. Urban Outfitters Home

Urban Outfitters home isn’t the cheapest spot on this list, but their sales run deep (remember this speaker that was 40% off from last week?). But even at regular price, they’re a drastically less expensive than their sister store Anthropologie.

6. Wayfair & All Modern

I’m grouping together Wayfair and All Modern since they’re under the same company umbrella, and sell the same lines. Both are also stores where the “prices vary” – which means that depending on the day, items will be on sale for a certain percentage off. It can definitely feel like you’re shopping and gambling at the same time – so if you see something you love, wait a few days to see if it gets cheaper. (Just don’t blame me if it sells out. Hence the gamble!).

 7. Overstock

Like Wayfair and All Modern, Overstock’s prices really fluctuate depending on what day you’re shopping. It can be worth the hunt though, especially if you’re looking to score big items like sofa or bedframe for over half the price.

8. Amazon

Amazon is hands down the best place to shop for lighting! If you’re renting like me, swapping out your lighting is such a cheap way to make a huge impact (especially in older buildings). Amazon has pages upon pages of iconic statement lighting for cheap.

Honorable mention: Craigslist.

I’m a huge advocate for buying second-hand on Craigslist. From the time I started writing this post (Friday) until today (Tuesday) I’ve hunted down and purchased a reclaimed wood dining table for $250 that would be $1,000 at West Elm. (Peep my Instagram stories for pictures)!

I hope that inspired you to create a space that you love with the budget you have. You can shop all of my fave items on a budget here. And if you still do love IKEA (I know I do), read about my favorite timeless, stylish pieces from IKEA here!

– Carmen

On a Budget

December 18, 2018

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