10 Ridiculously Stylish Home Essentials I Love But Don’t Need

Why is it that the harder I look for something I need, the more I fall in love with things that I don’t?

During my intense browsing for the perfect budget-friendly sofa for our living room, my eye has wandered into not-budget-friendly sections of the interwebs. Cannabis flower candles. Carrera marble knife blocks. (And I don’t even own a proper set of knives).

It’s not that I don’t need any of these things—I obviously use a toothbrush, dish brush and coasters daily—it’s that I can’t justify spending $$ on the elevated, cool versions of these items when I have yet to buy bigger necessities like a sofa and a bed frame. (Even with the Marie Kondo’s “spark joy” excuse I tried to convince myself with).

So instead of burying these beautiful everyday items in the back of my mind, it’s healthier that I post about them here. This is a preventive post – so let me get these things out of my system before I crack and splurge!

This toothbrush is seriously CHIC A F. Made in Italy and with carbon infused bristles. While I’m sure it also does wonders for your gums, I’m in love with its tortoiseshell handle and black bristles.

The AnZa espresso machine is some beautiful art sculpture made of everything good in the world. Look. At. It. LOOK AT IT!!! I would probably still want this even if it only made decaf.

CB2 marble knife block
CB2 Marble Knife Block – $72.95 CAD

As much as I adore this, 1) I don’t have a proper knife set, and 2) I have the most hideous countertops that it’d go to waste!

First I need to prove my skills as a responsible plant mom, and then I can think about getting this brass plated watering can.

The alternate title to this post really could have been: ‘things only a neurotically design obsessed person would search for’. But tell me that leather measuring tape isn’t so pretty?!!

CB2 really did find the ugliest thing to make beautiful. I mean… you’re going to have to look at it every time you sit on the toilet anyway, right?

There’s no way I could justify this, even though they’re inexpensive. We wash dishes like its an Olympic sport, (our apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher), one that would eat these beechwood brushes up.

The Boy Smells candles are heaven on earth. And 10/10 for the packaging.

I don’t need more coasters. I have more coasters in my home than I’ll ever have friends over. But I don’t have these coasters!

These spice grinders are apparently so prestigious that they were nominated for a design award. It’s true–Google it.


I feel calmer now.

But I may still buy the leather cased measuring tape… because I have no self-control.

Catch up on what I’ve actually bought for our new apartment so far here!



March 7, 2019

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